Colombian Federation of Regional Councils


The Colombian Federation of Regional Councils represents the individual and collective interests of the Municipal Councils, Counsellors, Presidents of Community Action Boards, Ethnic leaders who, through the Regional Council THE CORE; lead and support the development of Regional management for the benefit of the Municipalities that comprise it, defending regional autonomy and promoting the deepening of decentralization. To achieve this, FEDECORE will be the spokesperson for public and private institutions, and will generate and promote policies and strategies.


The Colombian Federation of Regional Councils will be the broadest political space in the Regional sphere, it will gather the expectations of the Municipal Councils, Counsellors, Presidents of Community Action Boards, and Ethnic leaders who, through the Regional Councils, will work to strengthen their management capacity, will protect the rights and interests of the Region and the municipalities that comprise it, and will ensure the consolidation of the inclusive and sustainable process of decentralization, and regional autonomy.

Fedecore's Objectives

The Coré

What is the Coré?

It is the Regional Council, it will be the widest political space in the regional scope, it will gather the expectations of the Municipal Councils, grouped in the same Region, it will work to strengthen its management capacity, it will protect the rights and interests of the Region and the Municipalities that it is made up of, and will ensure the consolidation of the process of decentralization and local autonomy with an inclusive and sustainable approach.

Who makes up the Coré?

It is made up of the Municipal Councils that are part of a certain geographical Region, where the Municipal Councils determine to conform to the Geopolitical Region, under the legal status of FEDECORÉ, in order to increase the quality of life of its inhabitants, and guarantee the evolution to a social system that is more committed to Regional development, which links long-term Regional problems and social solutions of common order, which are deliberated through the CORÉ Council.

How to join the Coré?

The Honorable Municipal Councils in their own right belong to FEDECORE and do not require tuition or support payments, only the registration process of the Municipal Council is required and identify the CORÉ that they summon. FEDECORE at no cost to the Municipalities gives technical and technological support through its Platform, guidance and support throughout the process of allocating resources within the solution of their needs.

Represents and defends the rights and interests of the Population of a Region, promoting inclusive and sustainable social policies, programs and projects.


One purpose of CORÉ is to describe, examine and promote social programs and projects with aspects of promotion to Regional development, in which policies of promotion to local economic development are examined, making a link to the Regional aspect. This focused study aims to generate a classification of the economic performance of the region for an in-depth look. The aim is to identify in these municipalities that make up a CORÉ, the trends during the last two decades on topics of Regional interest (i.e. drinking water sources, health, education, security, housing, public services), examine the drive of innovative economic activities that stimulate growth, examine the performance of the departments or municipalities and the policies for promoting regional economic development. Likewise, a broad set of public initiatives (from all levels of government), non-governmental organizations and international cooperation are observed. and looking for evidence of concrete impacts on the increase and improvement of the productive activity in a sustainable way, the interested entities must have appropriate information on these points, and a program or social project is created within the CORÉ with links of different sectors and industries with greater dynamism that requires for their peace of mind a stable behavior of the specific public policies that link them. Each CORÉ brings together the sectors and industries with the highest growth and promotes primary activities in production structures with the greatest elements of innovation and technological development, while increasing ties to the international market.


Currently, when reviewing the Colombian experience: there is no coordination between the national entities themselves, nor between these and the territorial entities and other organizations. There is also an enormous dispersion in multiple small activities and the absence of large-scale projects with the capacity to significantly boost the regional economy; CORÉ takes the initiative to find articulation strategies to external markets and modification of production structures with specific goals. Our initiative is based on the articulation between the public and private sectors, the participation of investors, entrepreneurs and communities with an inclusive approach, in search of general sustainability.